Tour Guide, Cruise
1226 Hollis St. Halifax, NS B3J1T7
Role: Tour Guide, Cruise        How to apply :
An Ambassatours Tour Guide is a dynamic and immersive role that brings all the treasures, stories and rich history of Halifax to visitors from all over the world.    Usher cruise ship passengers by motor coach or on foot, in and around Halifax to unique and popular attractions such as gardens, churches, museums, galleries, and National Historic Sites.  Tour guides must be able to retain historical facts, dates, and anecdotes, and then relay that information to visitors in an entertaining, informative way.
  • follows a pre-determined tour outlined designed by the cruise company and AGL
  • collects and accounts for all tickets
  • accounts for, and is responsible for, every passenger while in their charge
  • plans and organizes routes and stops in an allotted timeframe
  • plays the role of a cultural ambassador
  • delivers factual commentary and interesting tidbits of information
  • provides guidance and takes control of a group while in their care
  • works well with local tourism suppliers and other staff
Work Hours:
  • seasonal position from approximately April to November
  • irregular work schedules that take place over 7 days per week
  • a web / app-based program is used to communicate and mange shifts
  • willingness to participate in and receive, on-the-job training
  • successfully complete tour assessment to establish readiness.
  • reliable access to emails and a cell phone is required
Skills Required: 
  • aptitude for history and the ability accurately retell details and events
  • public speaking and story telling
  • professional manner and appearance
  • effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • strong performance in custodial abilities
  • ability to work well under pressure, and follow assignments
  • enthusiasm and desire to sell Atlantic Canada as a travel destination
  • excellent organizational skills
  • flexibility to work shifts including early mornings, evenings, holidays and weekends
  • excellent oral and written communication skills
  • strong observation skills, attention to detail, cleanliness & aesthetics of working space
  • friendly, customer-focused personality
  • flexibility and a willingness to rally to changing conditions like weather, traffic or delays.
  • hourly wage plus tips.
  • uniform cost sharing
  • company and partner discounts
  • paid training
How to Apply
Contact Name: Beth Hill
Mailing Address: 1226 Hollis St. Halifax, NS B3J1T7
Phone: 902-412-3141
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