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Career Centre

Nova Scotia's Tourism Industry offers rewarding and challenging careers for individuals with the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitude. To check out career planning pages, click on the link below.

Working in tourism means different things to different people: flexible part time or seasonal jobs, full time positions, or rewarding careers. The right opportunity is waiting for you in one of Canada's fastest growing industries - Discover Tourism! If you think working in tourism means low-wage positions that don't lead anywhere, think again. Tourism is Canada's (and, in fact, the world's) fastest growing industry. It offers a choice of over 400 roles that require varying levels of skill, experience and education. From sales and marketing to guest services, accounting, maintenance, management, guest instruction, fitness, housekeeping, catering, entertainment or grounds management, the list of possibilities goes on.

Visit to learn about tourism myths and facts, training, career paths and so much more.   

Professional Development Opportunities

Once you have started working in Tourism, there are many opportunities for professional development through emerit national certification.  emerit is the most comprehensive industry-developed training available anywhere in the world.  All emerit products and programs are based on industry-defined standards, and are recognized across Canada.  Available for a wide range of occupations and experience levels, emerit products include:  For more information on national certification please check out 

The Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council also offers workshops and online training.  For more information check out the Council’s website at 

Scholarship Opportunities

To support the investment in human resource development in the Tourism Industry, the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council is proud to award a scholarship for Tourism professionals seeking to upgrade their skills in their designated field.  The Judith B. Cabrita Tourism Professional Scholarship is available to successful candidates who are pursuing a professional development opportunity to enhance their skills/career path within the Tourism Industry.  Opportunities may include but are not limited to: conferences, training or educational programs and professional certification.  Applicants must be employed in the Tourism Industry and have a minimum of two years experience.  For more information please click on the following link: 

For Employers

There are many resources available to help employers with training which can lead to increased employee retention.  There are Human resources and business tools available for employers and business owners through as well as specific workshops offered through the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council.

On line training is available for Tourism WHMIS, Food Safety, Serve Right Responsible Beverage Service and Service Excellence in the Global Village.  For more information check out 

National certification is 27 occupations helps build professionalism, increase job satisfaction and deliver results straight to the bottom line.  In Nova Scotia we put our people first!
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